Nikos brand was established in 2010

Nikos brand was established in 2010. Exlink Singapore Pte Ltd has been the brand owner and specialist for screen protector. In 2015 we have launched a high technology screen protector known as Myopia Blue Light Cut screen protector. It cut off 99% blue light, UV-A and UV-B.

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With today's innovation and a variety of device sizes. Its not a wonder to have customers asking for some customization to a size that fits. We have it covered for you. You just need to provide us the size that you required, we will customize the screen protector according to the size that you need.

We highly recommend that you speak to us before you make your order. This way, we will be able to advise you the best product to use.

What is blue light?

Facts You Should Know

Blue light is an important part of visible light there is not a separate white lights in the nature. Blue green and light yellow blend to present a white light. Green and yellow light is less stimulation to our eyes and they contain a low energy. Whereas, blue light is short wave and high energy, the features of shortwave and high energy of these lights enable them penetrate lens and reach retina directly. The high energy short wave blue light inspire phosphor powder emit the LED screen high brightness white light. As time passed and the imbalance of phosphor or recession, resulting in a blue light overflow, that's why some of the white light gives us a kind of feeling of blue color.