What is Blue Light?

Blue light is an important part of visible light there is not a separate white lights in the nature. Blue green and light yellow blend to present a white light. Green and yellow light is less stimulation to our eyes and they contain a low energy. Whereas, blue light is short wave and high energy, the features of shortwave and high energy of these lights enable them penetrate lens and reach retina directly. The high energy short wave blue light inspire phosphor powder emit the LED screen high brightness white light. As time passed and the imbalance of phosphor or recession, resulting in a blue light overflow, that's why some of the white light gives us a kind of feeling of blue color.

People nowadays tend to spend long periods staring at LED display which is causing more people to be concerned about theirs eyes becoming dry or tired. Pne of the reason is the light emitted by LED display contain a "blue light" that is detrimental to the eyes

Blue light is the strongest light within the visible ray spectrum. It has enough energy to penetrate straight through, passing the cornea and crystalline lens at the eye without being absorbed and reaching the retina, which can cause it to deteriorate.

Exposure to blue light for long periods of time can stimulate the ciliary muscle causing the eye pupils to contract. This can cause a series of symptoms such as eyestrain, dry eyes or it can also misalign our internal body clock as it suppresses the ssecetion of sleep inducing melatonin. 

Exposure to high energy visible (HEV) blue light from digital devices can cause:

Eye Problem


Sleep Issue

Eyes Dryness

Eyes Fatigue


Why Nikos blue light screen protector can prevent blue light?

Nikos anti myopia blue light screen protector can effective filters high energy shortware blue light and prevents it from reaching our retina. Using the principle of energy conversion, it converts the shortware(380-420nm)high energy blue light to medium and longwave low energy visible light. It reduces the transmission of harsh blue light from LED dispaly by99.99%

It blocks UV-A by 99.99% (Unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging, wrinkling and suppression of the immune system

It blocks UV-B by 99.99% (UV-B is responsible for delayed tanning and burning, in addition to these short-term effects, it enhances skin ageing and significantly promotes the development of skin cancer).