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Screen Protector
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Blue Light Cut Screen Protector
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Privacy Filter

Clear Screen Protector

  • Clear images
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-dust coating
  • Support touch panel

Crystal clear screen protector adopt high quality PET materials. With the process of innovative clearance technology the screen protector achieves the level of optical transmittance. Thin beautiful seamless, this series can provide impeccable comprehensive protection for your digital device Customization are available for specials devices. Call us 6365 9056 for more details. (T&C apply)

Matte Screen Protector

Discover those benefits:

  • Anti-scratch & Anti-dust coating
  • Preventing fatigue to eyes
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • Support touch panel

Matte screen protector adopt a high density materials in the surface, the fine grinding particles can prevent fingerprint effectively and make decontamination easily. Customization are available for special devices. Call us 6365 9056 for more details.(T&C apply)

Blue light Cut

  • Blue light cut
  • Eliminating 32% of the blue light
  • Protect eyes & reduces eyestrain
  • Block UV-A by 63%
  • Block UV-B by 99%
  • Suitable for wearing amber glasses

Working night shift and constant exposure to long hours of electronics devices, do consider to install a blue light cut 32% screen protector if you are wearing an amber glasses that block blue light.

Anti-myopia blue light

  • Prevents myopia
  • Prevents eyes fatigue
  • Block out harmful blue light 99%
  • Filter out UV light 99%

Nikos anit-myopia blue light screen protector can filters effective high energy shortwave blue light and prevents it from reaching our retina. Using the principle of energy conversion, it converts the shortwave and longwave low energy visible light. It reduces the transmission to harsh blue light from LED display by 99%.

Privacy Filter

  • Anit-reflective filter improves contrast and reduces glace to prevent eye strain
  • Easy to attach and remove when required.

Innovative technology from Nikos prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users.